What Offshore Drilling Jobs Are Available?

February 9, 2024

What Offshore Drilling Jobs Are Available?

The Oil and Gas industry and the Energy industry as a whole are two enormous cornerstones of the global economy. We, quite literally, could not live without them. It is therefore unsurprising that the jobs offered range from the highly specialised to more well-known, traditional roles. Moreover, the same is true within the Offshore Drilling arm of the industry. To help you decide where your skills and interests could take you within Offshore Drilling, we have compiled a list of drilling jobs available. Find out where your future lies!

Drill Crew

The Drill Crew are the people who are physically out on the rigs, operating machinery and undergoing maintenance to ensure everything runs smoothly and safely. They are specialist workers who work alongside people in all sectors of the Offshore Drilling industry. Additionally, they can work on or offshore, or even subsea. There are a wide range of positions within the Drill Crew, from Floorhands and Derrickmen to Drillers to Roustabouts and Rig Managers, and many more in between. Drill Crew is the most common area within offshore drilling jobs.


MODU stands for Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit, and there are several types: jackups; fixed-platform rigs; semi- and full-submersible rigs; ultradeepwater units; Tender Assist Drilling units; and conventional barge- and ship-shaped rigs. These units are staffed by a range of people who work at sea. A considerable amount of engineers work in this section of the industry: Hydraulic Engineers; Barge Engineers; Subsea Engineers; and more. Additionally, they are staffed by Seaman and a number of Safety Coordinators to ensure everything is carried out to the highest standard whilst miles from mainland assistance.


All of the equipment and machinery involved in Offshore Drilling is incredibly delicate and specialised, and therefore requires constant upkeep. Whether it be drill casings, cyber drill operation technology, or the rig itself, it is vital that every part functions. This is where the Maintenance team comes in. This sector is made up of highly skilled and specialist electricians, welders, technicians and mechanics. Together, they enable the rigs or ships to remain well-oiled machines! It is critical to have these team members and they make up many global offshore jobs.

Support Crew

Of course, there are many other jobs in Offshore Drilling that are perhaps more traditional such as HR, Finance, and Marketing. There are also roles that can transfer easily such as Painters, Medics, Radio and Crane Operators, and Foremen. These provide a route into this industry for many, many people who may never have considered a career in Offshore Drilling before. No industry can function without a solid Support Crew, after all.

The future of jobs in Offshore Drilling…

As it stands, these are the core groups of career opportunities within Offshore Drilling. However, the oil and gas industry as a whole is already undergoing enormous changes thanks to growing technology. There are therefore many new offshore drilling jobs emerging. Developments in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics are greatly improving the science involved in drilling, as well as hugely changing the face of Engineering. For example, 3D Printing is now a big part of Technician work as it vastly speeds up repair work. Furthermore, Infrastructure and Logistics are running more smoothly and with more automation, meaning there is more time to focus on the creative, problem-solving aspects of these drilling jobs.

Moving forward, My Energy Future estimates that, by 2025, there will be around 4,500 people working in careers that currently do not even exist! The oil and gas industry has always embraced change, and we think employment in the next few years will perfectly exemplify that fact.

Interested in a Career?

If any of the above seems interesting or appealing to you, have you considered a career in Offshore Drilling? As the sole recruitment agency for Offshore Drilling in the North Sea, we have vacancies across all these branches of the industry, such as roustabout jobs in the North Sea. Contact us today for expert knowledge about offshore drilling jobs.

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