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GRN Kilt Walk 2024

A fantastic day recently as the GRN team completed the 18 mile Kilt Walk to raise funds for our chosen charity, Charlie House.
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UKCS Clothing Policy Winter Changes

This month you’ll be required to wear 3 layers under your survival kit when you are mobilising. There are some statements about what is required so we’ve put the information together for you so you are all set for your next trip.
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5 Resources to help your mental health on World Mental Health Day

It's World Mental Health Day so we've put together a list of 5 helpful resources from insightful articles to helplines. Mental health is a universal human right.
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5 Reasons positive outlooks on the drilling sector!

As the world's energy needs persist, so does the discourse surrounding the methods and implications of oil drilling. Let's delve into some of the trending discussions surrounding this crucial industry and explore the potential for a more sustainable future...
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New Mental Health Charter to Benefit North Sea Workers in the Energy Industry

A new mental health charter is being developed to help improve the working conditions for North Sea workers in the energy industry. It is titled ‘Changing minds: saving lives’
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A Typical Day as a Rig Mechanic

Rig Mechanics are a key crew member on offshore drilling rigs. Their main function is to maintain and repair the controls and mechanical equipment on...
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What is a Roughneck in the Offshore Industry?

When starting an offshore career, there are many routes to take into the industry, depending on your skill level or experience. After serving time in the entry level offshore job of roustabout, you...
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Why Choose a Career in the Offshore Energy Industry After The Military?

If you have left the military and are open to work, choosing a career in the energy industry makes a lot of sense...
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What Is An Oil Rig?

Oil rigs make everything in offshore drilling possible. Drill crew spend their days and nights out at sea on rigs, keeping the oil and gas industry going. But exactly what is an oil rig?
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A Guide To Directional Drilling

Directional drilling describes any drilling technique that drills at an angle. It can be angled or completely horizontal, but mostly it is a mix of both. Vertical wells can...
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10 Common Oil And Gas Interview Questions

Outside of the normal interview questions candidates might expect, what will an oil and gas interview look like? As a recruitment agency specialising in the drilling industry...
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What Can We Do About The Labour Shortage In The Offshore Drilling Sector?

You may have seen a number of news articles over the last few months about a labour and skills shortage within offshore drilling and oil and gas. The offshore drilling industry is facing challenges at the moment...
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How To Start Your Offshore Career

Roustabouts are a key part of offshore work, and a great way to start your offshore career. They ensure daily tasks are completed, and work on the rig runs smoothly...
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What Offshore Drilling Jobs Are Available?

The Oil and Gas industry and the Energy industry as a whole are two enormous cornerstones of the global economy. We, quite literally, could not live without them...
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What to Expect When You Get Offshore

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in the offshore oil and gas industry, it is important that you know a bit more about what day-to-day life on the job is like...
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How to write a great CV for the Oil and Gas Industry

How can you make sure to stand out with your CV for the Oil and Gas industry? As an offshore recruitment agency specialising in the drilling industry, we have put together some of our top tips...
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Welcome to Global Resources Network!

We are delighted to continue expanding and developing Global Resources Network as we support clients and candidates within the offshore drilling industry...
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Is Offshore Drilling Safe?

Is Offshore Drilling Safe? We've answered this important question and have shared some helpful insights from our many years of experience in the oil and gas offshore industry...
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Team Day at the Perth Races

Global Resources wanted the opportunity to treat staff and recognise their resilience and hard work...
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